"People ask, 'What's the best role you've ever played?' The next one." - Kevin Kline

Hi, I AM Mauro

It's a pleasure to meet you. What are my interests?






"The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary."


Let me tell you a small story...

Currently, I am working as IT project manager @ DocMorris. DocMorris is Europe's oldest and largest mail-order pharmacy, who mainly serve the German market.

Following my passion for technology was one of the best decisions I made, because it will never stop to amaze me. For me, it's exciting, motivating and energizing! a.k.a. my passion.

My second passion is sports, even if It doesn't look like it anymore(just beeing honest), I was a few times Dutch wrestling Champion wrestled for many years and wrestled for many years. Do you want more detailed information about my career? Just visit my LinkedIn profile or just contact me.

  • Motivate people
  • Communication
  • Organized
  • Time management

My references

People who I have worked for or still work with.
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David Maes

Head of Service Delivery @ DocMorris
Worked for and with David in several projects for DocMorris.
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Ben Degens

Software Engineer @ Kembit
Back in our student time, we started together a sofware developing company.
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Edwin van den Heuvel

Manager Service and Support @ Provide Business Solutions B.V.
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Maartje Polman

Content Manager @ Vodafone (NL)

"When you're backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down."

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